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3D Wobbler Render

3D Wobbler Render is a set of 3 professional 3D Wobbler with 3 perspectives optimized for 100 x 100 mm designs that will allow you to create and present a realistic display for your unique self-standing 3D Wobblers in a professional way. You can use this render for marketing campaigns, brand marketing, and client presentations.

Modern Corporate Trifold

Modern Corporate Trifold was inspired with round shapes and top sliced caps, which add a modern and sharp look to your brochure. Modern Corporate Trifold is suitable for a wide variety of uses. 4 premade color themes make it easy to use and customize.

Paper Coaster 3D Render

Paper Coaster 3D Render is a set of 8 professional 3D renders on a studio background, created with a 3D models of a paper coaster. Paper Coasters are widely used as a solution for wholesale, special offer promotions for both hot and cold drinks, restaurants, bars etc. This render is created based on a 3D models of 100 x 100 mm in various shapes (hexagon, circle, square). This is a great tool for creating your mockups and presenting your various marketing campaigns, as well as in-store marketing. This set contains 4 different model renders, with 2 different materials (white paper & cardboard).