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Lines & Squares Corporate Business Card

Lines & Squares Corporate Business Card Template is inspired by the look of an uninterrupted line that runs through entire business card which adds a modern look to your business card. 4 color themes make it easy to use and customize. Lines & Squares Corporate Business Card Template is suitable for a wide variety of uses both business and personal.

Paper Coaster 3D Render

Paper Coaster 3D Render is a set of 8 professional 3D renders on a studio background, created with a 3D models of a paper coaster. Paper Coasters are widely used as a solution for wholesale, special offer promotions for both hot and cold drinks, restaurants, bars etc. This render is created based on a 3D models of 100 x 100 mm in various shapes (hexagon, circle, square). This is a great tool for creating your mockups and presenting your various marketing campaigns, as well as in-store marketing. This set contains 4 different model renders, with 2 different materials (white paper & cardboard).