Welcome to the world of professional design solutions, tailored for everyone.

In a world of increasingly higher marketing standards, and more evolved and sophisticated clients, it’s sometimes hard to navigate through high-priced agencies, unreliable deliveries, and sub-par solutions.

This is why Shocky Design Studio offers a wide variety of high-quality designs for all levels of expertise. Whether you are a novice with a beginner level knowledge when it comes to design, or you work as a graphic designer yourself, we at Shocky Design Studio are proud to present you designs tailored for your specific needs.

You can find everything from ready to go graphic templates and premade book cover designs, to specialized designed services. Whatever you need we can provide, and the best part is that you control how much money and work you want to invest in your marketing campaigns. No hidden costs, no unexpected delays, and we are here to offer you support in choosing the best design, and service for your specific needs.

So why don’t you start here, and see what services we can offer? Browse through our custom catalogs, and find a right design for your needs.

Corporate Hive Print Bundle

$29.00 $19.00
Corporate Hive Print Bundle is a set of Hive inspired print designs. You will get business card, flyer, trifold brochure and roll-up banner in this bundle. Corporate Hive Print Bundle inspired with polygonal shapes arranged in hive like formations, that add modern and fresh look to your designs. Don’t hesitate and get this amazing bundle offer at 40% off the regular price of individual items.

Desktop Calendar Mockup Bundle

$34.00 $17.00
Desktop Calendar Mockup Bundle is a set of 4 different types of calendar mockups. You will get 4 professional realistic mock-ups in different sizes and orientations. Desktop Calendar Mockup Bundle can be used for marketing campaigns, in-store marketing, and branding campaigns. PSD used in these templates are fully layered and easy to use. Hurry and get 4 amazing templates for 50% off regular price.


Graphics templates have become a staple in the design industry. They are ready to go and cost-effective solutions, that can not only save you money and time but can give you the freedom to implement your vision with a very low level of design skills. But you need to have some knowledge in design applications in order to implement these designs in a real world, because what is the point of purchasing a cost-effective template if you then need to hire a designer and spend a ton of money in order to make it work.

This is why here at Shocky Design Studios we are happy to offer our specialized service of customizing graphics templates for a small fee of $10 for our templates, or $25 for customizing a template purchased outside our shop.

Another problem that clients usually have is an availability of such templates on various platforms that sell these templates. One day they are in the shop, and the next they are gone, and if you haven’t downloaded the item on time, or you haven’t made 15 backups, and you happen to lose original template, you have wasted your money. This is why Shocky Design Shop accepts all valid purchase codes for our templates, regardless of the platform you may have initially purchased it from. We got you covered.

And what happens if you download a wrong template? Send us an e-mail, and give us info, and we will try to accommodate you the best we can.



With the insurgence of digital and audio books, the book industry has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Today anyone can be a publisher, and anyone can be an author. You don’t need to be signed by big publishers anymore in order to follow your dream and publish your stories.

But that also means that a lot of work that was done by publishers now is your responsibility. From hiring your editors to figuring out all ins and outs of marketing campaigns, and publishing requirements on biggest resellers, to creating your own covers.

We can’t help you with all the important work that is done between the covers of the book, but we can help you out when it comes to cover designs. Covers can be time-consuming and a big investment, especially for a first-time author, and even if (in my humble opinion) what is between the covers is more important than the cover itself, it is a good cover that sells a book.

You can have the best story ever written, but if nobody knows about it, then all the time and money invested in publishing your own book goes to waste. This is why Shocky Design Studio offers premade book covers.

Premade Book Covers are unique cover designs, with multiple images and effects blended to create a professional cover design. Unlike templates, a premade book cover is sold only once. All the source images and fonts are purchased legally from stock image sites and are covered by a standard license.

This is why you are not purchasing a template because the license doesn’t allow for stock images to be in template packages and sold separately.

Premade covers will allow you to publish your books with professionally made designs, and with 3 purchasing options, your costs will go down significantly.



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